7 Reasons Why You Should Add a Screen Enclosure to Your Home

How much do you love your outdoor space?

It might be the luscious garden you’ve grown or the image of the crystal-clear water in the pool that gives you a refreshing feeling. Sometimes it’s just lovely to sit in your yard and watch the day pass you by.

But what do you do if it’s a bit cold? What about when it’s raining? Don’t even get started on the insects that love to fly about and leave you swatting your hands like a crazy person. How are you supposed to enjoy your patio area when all of this is going on?

A great solution is installing a screen enclosure. It can be like adding an extra room to your home, but you’re getting all the benefits of sitting outside at the same time. Want to know why you should add a screen enclosure to your home? Here are the reasons why it’s a good idea.

1. A Screen Enclosure Protects You During the Rain, Hail, and Shine

When it’s pouring rain or wind is blasting through the region, all you can do is watch from the window and hope for better days to come. But with a screen enclosure, you can relax in your yard without being impacted by the nasty weather.

Brands like Screen Tight have products that feature PVC film to provide additional protection. There are also aluminum screen systems that allow you to adjust the configuration depending on how much space you want to dedicate to your relaxation zone.

2. Insects Won’t Bother You Anymore

There’s no reason to relax outside next to a can of bug spray or feel guilty listening to the sound of a zapper. A closed-in patio can keep ticks, flies, and mosquitoes out of your face. You won’t need to worry about bites or creepy crawlies interrupting your day.

You’ll get the same result whether you decide to go with a screen room or an aluminum guard. The mesh is designed to stop anything from sneaking through or nesting inside it. The material is strong too, so bugs should bounce right off it.

3. You Get the Best of Both Worlds

A screen enclosure allows you to have the benefits of an indoor setting while getting to enjoy the wonders of the outdoors. While the material will protect you from strong winds and rain, you still get to soak up the fresh air and enjoy the views of your yard.

Screen Tight’s MeshGuard is made from high-density vinyl, polyester, and steel. However, it doesn’t darken your patio or stops you from feeling the gentle breeze in the air. You’ll still get natural light too, but you’ll get some extra protection from the UV rays.

4. It Provides You with Extra Privacy

No one likes snoopy neighbors. Maybe you enjoy relaxing in loose clothing or swimwear but would prefer they don’t judge from over the fence. You might also want some privacy when you have a gathering.

A screen enclosure allows you to hide from prying eyes. You can have a party or sit outside without any of your neighbors noticing. The Screen Tight mesh features a dark appearance to those looking from the outside, but you’ll still be able to see everything from your patio chair.

5. Screen Enclosures are Cheaper Than Extensions

Have you ever thought about building a sunroom? While the end result can be fantastic, it’s an expensive and time-consuming project. Plus, if you already have an existing patio, it means getting rid of a vital feature of your home.

A closed-in patio can be much more cost-efficient without having to tear down your outdoor living area. You can even get low-profile aluminum systems that mount on the inside of your porch that blend into the existing design. It can provide you the enclosure that you need for a fraction of the price.

6. You Won’t Need to Clean as Often

While everyone enjoys relaxing outside on a back patio, no one likes cleaning up one. During your regular maintenance, you’ll come across broken branches, fallen leaves, as well as dirt and debris scattered about.

Installing a screen enclosure stops these materials from landing on your deck. That means less maintenance for you and better protection for your outdoor furniture. In fact, it should reduce wear and tear, meaning you won’t need to put money aside to replace them as regularly.

7. It Increases the Value of Your Home

If you’re not planning to live in your home forever, then you might be looking for cheap ways to increase the value of your home. It might be repainting, replacing old windows, or updating your garden area.

Closed-in patios are another affordable way to increase the square footage of your home. With the additional protection it provides, it also means renovations to the deck or repairs to the materials won’t be needed for some time, which will also be attractive to potential buyers.

How to Install a Screen Enclosure at Your Home

There are many reasons why installing a screen enclosure is a good idea. From protecting you from the elements to less monthly maintenance, you’ll find that you get more use out of your outdoor living area more often than you do now. Not to mention that a closed-in patio can increase the value of your home, which is always a bonus.

While adding a screen enclosure to your home is less complex than building an extension, it still requires the expertise of a professional to install one. The Elite Exteriors are Myrtle Beach contractors who are specialists when it comes to outdoor renovations. Get in touch with us today to organize a free estimate and get your screen enclosure installed.

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